Issues Addressed


Absenteeism, Arbitrability, Bargaining Unit Work, Beck Objections, Classification Systems, Community of Interest, Comparability, Concerted Activity, Conduct, Deferral, Demotion, Discharge, Discipline, Discrimination (Race, Disability, Gender, Age), Dues Checkoff, Dues Deductions, Duty of Fair Representation, Duty to Bargain, Duty to Exhaust, Duty to Provide Information, Employee Monitoring Technology, ERISA Benefits, Free Speech, Furloughs, Grievance Mediation, Health, Hiring Practices, Impact Bargaining, Incentive Pay, Independent Contractor Status, Insurance Benefits, Interference, Job Classifications, Job Performance, Job Posting, Jurisdictional Disputes, Layoffs, Leave Benefits, Long-Term Disability Claims, Management Rights, Mootness, Overtime Pay, Past Practices, Pension Plans, Seniority, Standard of Review, Statute of Limitations, Subcontracting, Tenured Teacher Discharges, Unit Clarifications, Vacation Benefits, Vacation Pay, Waiver, Work Assignments, Working Conditions, Working Hours, Workplace Violence.


Industries Addressed


Banking and Financial Services, Communications, Corrections, Education (primary, secondary, and higher), Electrical Equipment / Appliances, Entertainment / Arts, Fire, Hospitals / Nursing Homes, Labor Organizations, Metal Fabrication, Office / Clerical, Police / Fire, Public Works, Refrigeration / HVAC, Social Services, Utilities.


Professional Affiliations


  • Practitioner Member, Wisconsin Association of Mediators
  • Inns of Court, James E. Doyle Chapter
  • Conflict Consultants Network
  • Labor and Employment Relations Association, National and Wisconsin Chapters
  • National Association of Railroad Referees
  • Wisconsin Bar Association

Alternative Dispute Resolution Section (current Executive Board Member)

Labor and Employment Section (former Executive Board Chair)

  • American Bar Association

Labor and Employment Section

State and Local Government Bargaining and Employment Law Committee

; Federal Labor Regulation Legislation Committee

Alternative Dispute Resolution Section


Work History


  • Mediator / Arbitrator / Fact-Finder: Carne Dispute Resolution
  • Adjunct Professor: University of Wisconsin Law School; University of Wisconsin--Oshkosh School of Business
  • Attorney, Mediator, Arbitrator, Administrative Law Judge: Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission
  • Chief Legal Counsel / Deputy Director: Wisconsin Office of State Employment Relations
  • Attorney, Hawks, Quindel, Ehlke & Perry, S.C..




Juris Doctor, with distinction, University of Iowa College of Law, May 2002

Bachelor of Arts, Grinnell College, May 1996

Current Mediation and Arbitration Roster Admissions

Carne Dispute Resolution

Mediator Arbitrator Adjunct Professor



National Panels:


American Arbitration Association

  • Roster of Mediators
  • Roster of Labor Arbitrators
  • Roster of Neutrals


Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service

  • Labor Arbitration Roster


National Mediation Board

  • Arbitration Roster


Financial Industry Regulator Authority

  • Roster of Arbitrators
  • Roster of Mediators



Permanent Panels:


City of Chicago Board of Education & Chicago Teachers Union Tenured Teacher Dismissal Panel





University of Wisconsin System

  • Roster of Arbitrators


Dane County Housing Project

  • Panel of Pro Bono Eviction Mediators


State Panels:


Florida Public Employees Relations Commission

  • Roster of Special Magistates


Illinois State Board of Education

  • Tenured Teacher Dismissal Hearing Officer Roster


Indiana Education Employment Relations Board

  • Arbitration, Mediation, and Fact-Finding Panel


Iowa Public Employment Relations Board

  • Arbitration and Fact-Finding Panel
  • Board Roster of Ad Hoc Mediators


Kansas Public Employee Relations Board

  • Roster of Mediator / Arbitrators / Fact-Finders


Montana Department of Labor & Industry

  • Arbitrator Roster
  • Non-Collective-Bargaining Arbitrator Roster


Nebraska Commission of Industrial Relations

  • Resolution Officer Panel


Nevada Employee-Management Relations Board

  • Panel of Mediators, Fact-Finders, Arbitrators


Minnesota Bureau of Mediation Services

  • Arbitration Roster


Oregon Employment Relations Board

  • Panel of Factfinders and Mediators


State of Washington Public Employment Relations Commission

  • Dispute Resolution Panel