Experienced at helping parties reach mutually workable resolutions, before their disputes escalate and reach litigation.


Skilled at overseeing evidentiary hearings and issuing decisions that provide clear resolution and direction for moving forward.


Effective at conducting internal investigations, as well as designing and implementing organizational change and process improvement.


As a professional mediator, Danielle is skilled at helping disputing parties find a way to resolve their disputes before they escalate or result in litigation. With a high success rate, Danielle has mediated cases involving a wide variety of issues and industries. She is a member of the American Arbitration Association Roster of Mediators, a member of the FINRA Roster of Mediators, a Practitioner Member of the Wisconsin Association of Mediators, a member by invitation of the Conflict Consultants Network. She also mediates discrimination cases for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunities Commission.

Danielle handles workplace disputes involving both private- and public-sector employers and employees. She mediates disputes between individual employees and their employers, such as discrimination cases, cases concerning post-employment benefits, employment contract matters (including those involving separation, non-compete, and non-solicitation agreements), and civil service employment disputes. She also has extensive experience mediating collective bargaining interest disputes, rights disputes, and unfair labor practice disputes between employers and labor unions.

Danielle also has a family law mediation certificate and mediates property division as well as custody and placement issues. She also provides dispute resolution services in securities cases, special education disputes, and housing cases.

Danielle applies a variety of approaches as a mediator, depending on what is called for by the particular case. Overall she believes in the empowerment parties receive from the ability to shape individually-appropriate resolutions through the mediation process.


Arbitration is a process in which disputing parties present evidence to a neutral decision-maker for a final and binding decision. Danielle has over 10 years of experience as an arbitrator and fact-finder. Danielle is skilled at handling prehearing motions and other preliminary matters, she conducts efficient and thorough evidentiary hearings, and she issues decisions that give disputing parties prompt, well-reasoned finality, as well as guidance for going forward.

Danielle’s experience and reputation as an arbitrator have earned her admission to numerous national and state-based panels. She also has participated in arbitration training with the AAA, FINRA, and the Academy of the Association of Labor Relations Agencies, as well as various state labor and employment relations agencies.

Organizational Problem Solving

Sometimes organizations require assistance not because of conflict with an outside party, but because they face complex internal challenges. Danielle has experience in organizational problem solving that minimizes disruption and enhance productivity.

Danielle has conducted high-level, sensitive investigations involving employee conduct matters, as well as process issues related to the efficient functioning of an organization. These projects require the ability to conduct discrete inquiries that often involve difficult conversations with the involved or impacted individuals. Danielle is skilled at using approaches that maximize the likelihood of gaining truth and understanding. She also is skilled at synthesizing information, conclusions, and recommendations into written and oral reports; and she is experienced at assisting decision-makers with the evaluation and decision-making process.

Danielle has designed and implemented organizational restructurings and process improvements. The following are examples work she has done in this area:

  • A full-scale restructuring of an organization that involved work redistribution among subunits, the expansion of areas of responsibility and the workforce, the reconfiguration of office space, and brand redevelopment.
  • The design, implementation, and management of an oversight and accountability structure to facilitate the consolidation, and implementation of previously dispersed human capital management IT systems.
  • An analysis, design, and implementation of organization-wide recruitment and hiring processes.
  • A design, implementation, and management of an expanded, consolidated legal representation model.
  • The design and implementation of an expedited docket management system.
  • The design and oversight of statewide survey of public sector labor relations stakeholders used as keynote focus for a 300-attendee, full-day dialogue and training conference.

Danielle is skilled at examining organizational structures, identifying ways to revise and streamline processes for more productive functioning, designing systems that address organizational pain-points, and implementing process changes while managing communications and relationships with impacted internal and external stakeholders.